Your experts for innovative heating systems in the fields of domestic technology, cold storage technology, agriculture, industry, control technology and frost protection!

Hemstedt is the leading 100% manufacturer of heating cables and cold storage technology in Germany.

Product Categories

  • Cold Storage Technology

    Cold Storage

    Frost protection - pressure compensation valves - alarm systems - frame heating - concrete heating mats - trace heating

  • Heating Cables

    Heating Cables

    for nearly all purposes - from retail to petrochemical industry

  • ATEX


    Explosion prevention - heating cables - connection sleeves - trace heating - temperature support

  • Frost Protection

    Frost Protection

    Protect gutters or industrial plants from icy damages. More safety with ice-free drive- and walkways

  • Outdoor Heating

    Outdoor Heating

    Stadia, helipads, driveways and emergency routes. Always secure!

How to find your product

  • Living Space

    Living Space

    All about energy efficient heating: From underfloor heating through wall and ceiling heating up climate-neutral facility management you will find everything here whether it comes to new construction or renovation of old buildings.  

  • Outdoor Areas

    Outdoor Areas

    Heating solutions and frost protection for single-family houses or commercial properties from the gutter heating via trace heating to heated foot and traffic routes or even heliports.

  • ATEX Explosion Protection

    ATEX Explosion Protection

    Heating cables and connecting sleeves for critical hazardous areas with dust and gas formation. Of course, in uncompromising quality 100% "Made in Germany"

  • Industry and Commerce

    Industry and Commerce

    Heating cables for applications from -70°C up to + 750°C - for example, for glass panels in refrigerated counters or for process temperature support. Hemstedt covers applications in almost all areas.

  • Pool and Garden

    Pool and Garden

    Protect plants from frost and keep lawns and gateways free from black ice. Heat your pool with your own solar electricity. Hemstedt products are for versatile use.

  • Climate Positive Heating

    climate positive heating

    Take climate protection into their own hands and realize what others just talk about: Reduce CO² emissions to zero with facility management concepts by Hemstedt.

  • Sports Grounds

    sports grounds

    Under-soil heating for stadia according to UEFA regulations or basement protection for ice rinks. With Hemstedt you are in the premier league!

  • Cold Store

    Cold store

    Frost protection mats, pressure compensation valves, alarm systems and more. Hemstedt offers a wide range of products for the construction of cold stores. 

  • Vineyard Heating

    Vineyard Heating

    Electric heating cables can protect complete vineyaeds from spring frost. Automatically regulated by thermostats they are a breaking innovation towards more safety and efficiency.

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
Made in Germany - since 1974
  • Underfloor heating is harmful to your health? Wrong!

    This prejudice is from the 1960ies and no longer correct.

    Quite the contrary!

    Here You get to know why!

  • Electric underfloor heating is expensive? Wrong!

    A comparison in terms of acquisition and consumption gives clarity.

  • Electric underfloor heating

    Pros and cons underfloor heating – Does it make sense?

  • Creative freedom and feel good architecture thanks to underfloor heating

    „Heat coming up from beneath as naturally as heat rises - there is no other ideal heat“ (Frank Lloyd Wright)

Discover our warehouse management!

Latest news

50 years of innovation and commitment

50 years of innovation and commitment

Celebrate with us! [more]

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Reliably protect vineyards from frost with HEM-SYSTEM ® WINE FROST CONTROL

Reliably protect vineyards from frost with HEM-SYSTEM ® WINE FROST CONTROL

The quality of a wine essentially depends on the quality of the grapes. Nevertheless, winegrowers must pay attention to the grapes and determine the best time for harvesting... [more]

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We set standards in cable assembly

We set standards in cable assembly

Our standards for cable assembly: innovation and efficiency [more]

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ÖkoPLUS certificate for renewable energies

ÖkoPLUS certificate for renewable energies

Own green electricity generation and use [more]

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At a glance: The new product FAQs!

At a glance: The new product FAQs!

You ask, we answer - find out more about our innovative solutions now!


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Safety from winter hazards such as ice formation and icicles

Safety from winter hazards such as ice formation and icicles

Effective winter protection with electric gutter heaters [more]

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Protect your home from the cold with FrostyControl® pipe trace heating systems!

Protect your home from the cold with FrostyControl® pipe trace heating systems!

Plug and Heat - reliable frost protection [more]

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IU Internationale Hochschule: Hemstedt becomes official practice partner

IU Internationale Hochschule: Hemstedt becomes official practice partner

Study and work in a successful, internationally active family business! [more]

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Your experts in HVAC purposes

Your experts in HVAC purposes

Your experts in HVAC purposes [more]

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CE marking in Great Britain

CE marking in Great Britain

Unlimited recognition for CE marking in GB [more]

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Komfortabler Fußbodenheizungsregler mit Touchdisplay

Komfortabler Fußbodenheizungsregler mit Touchdisplay

Smart Living durch Optimierung des Eigenverbrauchs! [more]

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HEM innovation for climate change adaptation

HEM innovation for climate change adaptation

Future strategies for sustainability and quality of life! [more]

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Sustainable and future-oriented ÖkostromPLUS for our production

Sustainable and future-oriented ÖkostromPLUS for our production

Sustainability in the focus of Hemstedt [more]

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Hemstedt - the Expert for Underfloor Heating and Frost Protection

The subject of heating has become complex. Once it used to be easy: Just install an oil central heating - ready. But who wants to take responsibility for the future today, has to think: How can you heat  climate neutral or even climate positive? The possibilities are endless and it has been found that underfloor heating can be very effective, because the warming effect starts faster compared to conventional heating systems. This helps tremendously when it comes to saving energy. In particular, electric underfloor heating makes sense here, because it gives independence in regards of future developments in the energy market, since the electricity can be generated by using photovoltaics and stored not only in batteries now. 

Electric underfloor storage heaters are replacing the classic night storage heater. The Hemstedt Underfloor Heating systems are incidentally extremely thin, which is why they are also ideal for the renovation of old buildings. Even if no floor heating can be fitted or intended - wall heaters and ceiling heaters are an equally attractive alternative, such as natural stone or marble heating. All are characterized by a pleasant radiant heat and provide architecturally interesting design options. 

Frost Protection

When it comes to comfort and energy efficiency for inside heaters, outdoor heaters are rather there to provide secure route ways or to prevent frost damage. In fact, these damages can be very expensive and that's why Hemstedt offers an extensive range of frost protection solutions for home users, but also for the industry, the aircraft and shipbuilding industries as well as many other industries. The long-standing, proven use in Arctic and Antarctic areas gives security: Hemstedt frost protection products keep what they promise.

Foundation heating for buildings

Under ice sports facilities or cold stores, our concrete heating mats provide reliable sub-freezing protection against damage to buildings that could otherwise be caused by the extreme temperature differences between the foundations and the ground.

Under-soil Heating for Stadia

Not without reason, many clubs of the French premier league play on grass, which is heated by a Hemstedt under-soil heating. Because here it is not just about avoiding costly match cancellations in winter, but also about minimizing the risk of injury to the players. And under ice rinks and cold stores our frost protection mats and concrete heating mats provide a reliable sub-freezing protection against damage to buildings.

Quality "Made in Germany"

If Hemstedt underfloor heating and heating cables are installed, we usually hear nothing from this customer - and for good reason: Our products are manufactured in our own production plant in highest perfection and are therefore extremely durable and maintenance-free. And last a lifetime! For this and for our innovative strength, we have been awarded several times and we are proud of that, already in the second generation. 

The energy storage underfloor heating

The GREEN ACCU MAT® is an energy storage heating-mat by Hemstedt. It is ideal for new buildings as well as for the renovation of old buildings. It not only has the advantages of an underfloor heating but it also makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection, because it revolutionizes the idea of the night storage heating.

Hemstedt solutions for every industry

No matter what industry or application! At Hemstedt, you'll always find the right heating cable of any length, make or color. Particularly, Hemstedt offers indivual solutions. Heating cables and heating tapes can be tailored to your specific needs.