Building protection and feel-good atmosphere in one - the energy-efficient wall heating.

  • Building protection against moisture
  • Pleasant climate all around
  • Easy installation
  • Extremely thin
  • Durable and reliable
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers

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Building protection thanks to wall heating

This area of ​​application for a wall heating is probably the most common. Often it comes in old and new buildings to damp walls, because condensation, for example, forms on outside walls or walls towards colder parts of the building. Or think of the humidity, e.g. in bathrooms. A wall heating ensures for a dry fabric and prevents expensive consequential damage! 

Feel-good climate and less dust thanks to wall heating

Especially in combination with underfloor heating, a wall heating significantly contributes to an ideal indoor climate. Pleasant radiant heat from all sides and in particular, by a very uniform distribution of heat in the room the wall heating makes for very slight air movements. The result: no dust is whirled and transported into the air - a plus for allergy sufferers. 

Electric wall heating clearly at an advantage

The electric wall heating systems by Hemstedt are extremely thin, compact and available in many sizes as ready-made mats. Thus, a wall heating can also be retrofitted or installed as part of a renovation, as they, for example, can be laid in tile adhesive or smooth finish. Especially the sleeveless transition is very advantageous here. In addition, an electric wall heating can be laid much closer under the surface and provide even faster and more targeted heating. Long preheating is no longer necessary!

Energy-efficient and space-saving

The ability to heat a room faster and more effectively, results in the heating to be turned off more often. Long preheating or "heat preservation heating" can be omitted. Another plus: More utility space on walls. So the wall heater enables for more individual furniture and can complement a heated floor ideal. 

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
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