Smart - complete building management for optimum energy efficiency.

  • Determination of requirements
  • Control of all appliances
  • Scalable and updatable
  • Includes external data
  • Controllable via app
  • Optimizes the energy budget

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Optimize your power consumption - with teachable controls

As soon as custom power is produced, through a photo-voltaic system for example, it's sensible to not just regulate room temperature via a simple room thermostat. Smart controls can contribute to an enormous reduction of energy costs, with no detriment to comfort or well-being, because not only does the smart controls by Hemstedt regulate the room temperature, they also controll all other household appliances. It learns, when and where you like it to be warm, and how often the washing machine needs to be turned on. Cheap, off-peak power or your own photo-voltaic produced power will be used selectively, so that maximum efficiency is reached.

Trendsetting and comfortable

Above all, he intelligent controls by Hemstedt are future-proof. With updates, they can be adjusted to new circumstances. For example, information regarding electricity tariffs and weather data can be evaluated to calculate power- and heating requirements in advance to coordinate with other appliances. Operation is easy: You can control this function either at the panel directly, or via an app for your tablet or smartphone.

Important contribution to climate protection

Apart from comfort and cost reduction, the Hemstedt smart controls contribute to climate protection. The focused and forward-thinking use of power, as well as the optimization of power consumption are important for the protection of climate and environment.

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
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Max. unit size 100 kWp
Optional power management
TFT colour touch screen 4.3“
LCD status display
Supervision, optimization and control of self-consumption possible
1 x USB
1 x potential-free contact
Number of AC converters user defined, max. 2 manufacturers
Optional available:
WiFi, Bluetooth, GRPS, PM+, PM+/WiFi, PM+/GRPS, Meter
Optional unit supervision
Failures are immediately detected