Enter the age of intelligent living with HEMSTEDT®-Green Energy Solutions!


Use our innovative technology to heat your rooms efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way with renewable energy. Our products make an active contribution to climate protection and combating climate change and are characterized by outstanding efficiency levels.


With HEMSTEDT® GREEN products you can


- Make an active contribution to climate protection

- Realize intelligent concepts

- 100% climate-neutral heating while conserving resources

- Use renewable energies - SMART without emissions, CO2 and particulate matter!


Save money and invest in a sustainable future with our intelligent GREEN heating solutions. Electricity from the inexhaustible power of renewable sources, whether solar, wind or other regenerative sources, is the energy of the future. With our products and concepts, you can use this energy efficiently and even store it.


To name just one example: The electric car is used as a mobile energy storage unit. Integrated into our system, the electric car can be charged with solar power during the day and used in the evening to supply the house with electricity. This means there is always enough energy in the battery to get you reliably to your destination the next day.


HEMSTEDT® has already received several awards for its sustainable products. For example, our GREEN ACCU MAT® received the prestigious German Brand Award 2022 for innovative product sustainability and was honored twice: with the German Brand Award Heating and Bathroom and the German Brand Award Sustainable Brand of the Year. In addition, our energy storage heater was nominated for the European Green Award. This underlines our pioneering role in the development of resource-efficient technologies.


But that's not all! We have reached another milestone with the ÖkoPLUS-certificate for renewable energies. We now only use green electricity and are thus making an active contribution to reducing our ecological footprint at the HEMSTEDT® sites at Schleicherweg 17 to 31.


Not only are we focusing on sustainability by using renewable energies and closing our energy cycle, but we are also ensuring a future worth living for generations to come.


Get in touch with us. We will show you how we can create a more environmentally conscious world together. At HEMSTEDT®, we are passionate about sustainable practices and want to make positive changes for our planet.


Together for a sustainable future - HEMSTEDT®.


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