Smart Living!

We offer the possibility to heat efficiently and directly with electrical energy with an excellent efficiency. Thus the use of fossil fuels can be reduced and climate change can be actively slowed down!


With Hemstedt® GREEN products you can:

• actively contribute to climate protection
• Implementing intelligent concepts
• 100 % climate-neutral heating - saving resources
• Use renewable energy - SMART without emissions, CO2 or fine dust!


Save money with smart GREEN heating concepts from Hemstedt®!

Electricity is the energy that can be obtained most easily and efficiently from the inexhaustible power of the sun in a completely climate-neutral and clean way: Whether it is solar power, wind energy, water or tidal power. The only important thing is a well-organised use of this energy - and Hemstedt® has the right ideas:


The electric car as mobile storage

If the system is further developed, the electric car could, for example, be charged at work with emission-free solar power and then be used to provide electricity for the house in the evening. Of course, an intelligent control system still retains enough energy in the battery to get back to the workplace reliably and comfortably the next day:

Green electricity is SMART!


Hemstedt Products Awarded Repeatedly

The GREEN ACCU MAT of Hemstedt was awarded the sought-after German Brand Award 2022  for innovative product sustainability. It was thereby honored twice: as German Brand Award Heating and Bathroom  and as German Brand Award Sustainable Brand of the Year .

Furthermore, the judges of the European Green Award  nominated the sustainability performance of the Hemstedt energy storage heater for the transition to a modern, resource efficient, fair and competitive economy.


Learn more about active climate protection with Hemstedt® here:

GREEN Heating

The Hemstedt show house

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
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