GREEN ACCU MAT® - The sustainable storage heating for the low-energy house!

Features and benefits

  • Doubled heating circuits with lower power consumption: Two parallel grid lines á 40 W
  • Heat stored in the soil
  • Greater reliability through second heat conductor
  • 100% carbon neutral heating
  • Fast heating mode
  • Industry Award 2014 + 2016 + 2018 BEST OF
  • Green Product Award Selection 2018
  • German Brand Award 2022 SPECIAL - Sustainable Brand of the Year
  • European Green Award 2022 NOMINEE
  • Ideal for self-consumption of solar power
  • Made in Germany

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GREEN ACCU MAT® – The energy storage underfloor heating

The GREEN ACCU MAT® is an energy storage heating-mat by Hemstedt. It is ideal for new buildings as well as for the renovation of old buildings. It not only has the advantages of an underfloor heating but it also makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection, because it revolutionizes the idea of the night storage heating.


Hemstedt energy storage heater "GREEN ACCU MAT" nominated for European Green Award 2022

With the EUROPEAN GREEN AWARD, an international jury of experts honors green, fair and innovative products, sustainable design, green marketing as well as change makers who have made excellent contributions to sustainable development in Europe. Thus, the EUROPEAN GREEN AWARD makes a significant contribution to Europe's transition to a modern, resource-efficient, fair and competitive economy of the future.


Energy storage heating – the night-storage heating of tomorrow!

The GREEN ACCU MAT® is layed deep into the ground and uses concrete and screed as storage medium for heat energy. Thus, during periods of excess energy (from own production or as of nocturnal wind energy), the floor is heated and then emitted again slowly over hours without reheat. The principle is quite simply the idea of ​​a night storage heating - but in the wake of the energy revolution, for example, it uses at night excess and already existing wind energy!


International award for innovative climate protection!

The fact that the GREEN ACCU MAT® is an outstanding contribution to active environmental protection has recently been confirmed by a top-class, international jury and Hemstedt has been awarded the "Green Product Award" for this product. This coveted prize is intended to help promote the development of climate-friendly alternatives to conventional solutions. The networking of renowned companies such as Hemstedt with students and start-ups plays an important role in continuously raising awareness of climate protection and sustainability.


Flexible and safe

The GREEN ACCU MAT®thin-bed heating mats have two independent electrical heating circuits. So if necessary, they can warm up with a doubled heating power and later warmth is maintained with half the energy of only one heating circuit. In the very rare case of an heating circuit becoming defective, the normal heating mode can still be used, thus avoiding expensive repairs.


HEM-SYSTEM®  – sleeveless for even less height

All Hemstedt thin-bed heating mats are equipped with the HEM-SYSTEM®. That is, the transition between heating and cold lead conductors is sleeveless  and just as slim as the remaining cable. So the laying of floor heating is even more simple and above all absolutely watertight.


For every room size

The GREEN ACCU MAT®thin-bed heating mats are available in a variety of sizes. So they provide underfloor heating to any small or large room.


Easy operation

A selection of controllers and thermostats adapted to every need guarantee the energy-efficient use and easy control, including the function of intelligent storage heating.

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
Made in Germany - since 1974
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Specifications GREEN ACCU MAT® PV Order-No. 31875

Operating voltage 230 Volt
Power output ca. 40 / 40 / 80 W/m²
Cold lead 1 x 4,00 m
Min. installation temperature +5 °C
Max. temperature cable sheath 65°C
Min. bending radius 5 x dA
Resistance tolerance -5 % / +10 %
VDE-Regulation acc. to IEC60800 Ed.3
Cold/Warm connection sleeveless splice, without heat shrink sleeve
Insulation XLPE
Delivery width 0,85 m / 0,50 m
Calculation width 1,02 m / 0,67 m