No more frost damage and protection from icicles on gutters with the HEM-SYSTEM® DA Gutter Heating.

Features and benefits

  • Frost protection
  • Protection from icicles
  • Simple installation
  • Active building protection
  • Energy-efficient regulation

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Protect people and buildings with Gutter Heating

In winter, melt water can easily form strong icicles on gutters. If one breaks, people walking beneath can be dangerously hurt. This is reason enough to provide adequate frost protection on gutters, not to mention liability issues, for example if the building is right next to a public footpath.

Gutter Heating is also a reliable frost protection, just to prevent damage to the gutter itself. This is aggravating enough, since repairs can be very expensive depending on the height of the roof.


Frost protection for the entire house

A burst gutter or a downpipe that has been damaged by frost can lead to water entering the building where it can cause major damage without you even noticing it (like damp walls or cracked plaster among others). All these types of damage can be prevented by reliable frost protection.


Gutter Heating by Hemstedt - safe, effortless frost protection

Hemstedt offers pre-assembled gutter heating with thermostat in different lengths. That way, gutters and downpipes can be fitted with optimal frost protection at any time. The Hemstedt DA Gutter Heating is energy-efficient and will only switch on when there's a tangible risk of frost. Subsequently, it will switch off when ambient temperatures are high enough.


Frost protection for many years, with Hemstedt.

Additionally, the Hemstedt Gutter Heating - as opposed to many other products - has sleeveless joints between heating cables. That way, the entire gutter heating is one unit and does not have points of attachment, sleeves or joints, and is water-proof for many years to come!

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
Made in Germany - since 1974
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Technical data DA GUTTER HEATING Item no. 36612

Nominal voltage 230 Volt
Output approx. 30 W/m
Cold connection cable 1 x 4.00 m [0.5-1 mm²]
Minimum installation temperature 5°C
Nominal temperature according to VDE 0253 90°C
Smallest bending radius 5 x Ad
Resistance tolerance -5 %/+10 %
Cold/warm splice sleeveless, without shrink technology
Diameter ca. 7.90 mm
Insulation XLPE/PVC

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