Easily and individually implemented with thin-bed heating mats and heating cables in new and old buildings.

Features and benefits

  • 40 to 160 W/m² electric power
  • ready-made mats or coils
  • sleeveless transition from heating to cold lead conductors
  • ideal for allergy sufferers
  • for tiles, parquet, laminate and carpet
  • maintenance-free.

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Electric underfloor heating - the forward-looking technology!

However the energy transition in the various nations may look - one thing is clear: The trend is away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy. And these sources usually generate electricity! This makes electric underfloor heating systems more interesting. And underfloor heating systems have many advantages. Fast and direct heat - because the thin-bed underfloor heating mats are laid directly under the floor covering. If the underfloor heating is switched on, it produces a pleasant, well-distributed radiant heat after a few minutes. This "direct reaction" of underfloor heating with thin-bed heating mats ensures shorter warm-up times and thus lower energy consumption. 

Electric underfloor heating for each floor covering

In the Hemstedt program, you will find underfloor heating for every floor covering. Whether carpet, laminate, parquet, tiles or stone. Moreover, Hemstedt has the unique HEM-SYSTEM®, that means, the transition between hot and cold lead conductors is sleeveless and 100% waterproof. And it is just as thin as the rest of the heating cable. This makes installation of underfloor heating easier and allows minimal ground increases. So the Hemstedt underfloor heating is ideal, for example, for the renovation of old buildings. 

Healthy heat from below - with modern underfloor heating

Even the Romans or the great Mongol ruler Genghis Khan knew the soothing warmth of a heated floor. We can have it today! Children are free to play on the floor, the residents are completely free to roam barefoot in the house - a soothing and healthy relief for the feet in an ever more burdensome everyday world. Since modern underfloor heating systems no longer heat the surface of the floor covering - like the ancient systems - over 26°C, less dust from the ground is carried in the air, as for example, for radiators that are developing a much larger "pull" because of their forced higher temperature.  In addition, the underfloor heating ensures near the bottom for reduced humidity, thus reducing the spread of mold and dust mites. Electric underfloor heating comes here at a special significance, since the temperature can be regulated better and more direct than with a conventional underfloor heating.

Unlimited space thanks to underfloor heating

A factor that we must never forget in a floor heating system: No radiators must be mounted. Because no matter how small, low or thin radiators are - they take away space from the room. So if you want to set up this living spaces otherwise, you are limited quickly in individuality by the position of the radiator or even worse - radiators. In rental properties an absolute argument for underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating for more security, for every application

Underfloor heating is not only suitable for living rooms, but especially for bathrooms. Here an underfloor heating can create a climate that is perceived as pleasant much more quickly and also dries moisture much faster on the ground, bringing additional safety. Heating cables as ring or sold by the meter provide the ability to create completely customized surfaces, so the underfloor heating is realized well in nooks and corners or small spaces. 

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
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