Reduce harvest shortfalls to a minimum.

Features and benefits

  • Reliable frost protection
  • Self-regulating
  • Easy installation - 6 min / 100 metres
  • 100% waterproof and absolutely safe
  • Energy-efficient
  • Recommended by leading wine-growing institutes

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HEM SYSTEM® WINE FROST CONTROL - Reduce harvest shortfalls to a minimum.

Spring frost can cause devastating consequences in viticulture and fruit growing. The frost nights of April 2017 proved this almost frighteningly throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Measures such as glow candles or sprinkler systems have been in use for a long time, but they also have clear disadvantages. The HEM-SYSTEM® WINE FROST CONTROL is an efficient solution based on electrical heating cables that are laid exactly on the sensitive sprouts, ensuring carefree nights for decades.

Self-regulating and energy-saving - Spring frost can come!

The main advantage of the HEM SYSTEM® WINE FROST CONTROL is that it can be automatically activated via thermostats, vine line by vine line, exactly where and exactly when the critical temperature is fallen below. On the one hand, this saves energy, but on the other hand it also ensures extremely reliable protection without wastage or nightly preparation work.

Recommended by leading viticulture experts

The HEM SYSTEM® WINE FROST CONTROL was first used in a trial vineyard during spring frost in 2017. There it was shown that all rows of vines protected with HEMSTEDT® heating cables had a minimum damage of approx. 10% to the shoots, while the unprotected row of vines next to it had a damage of almost 100%. This effect was also investigated and confirmed by the state wine-growing research institute in Weinsberg and since then studies have been carried out on a broad scale in cooperation with the state-owned "Weinbauversuchsantalt Weinsberg", the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences and DLR Rheinland-Pfalz in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. A further proof of the efficiency is also the "Industry Award 2018", which the WINE FROST CONTROL system was able to clear from a standing start.

The European Patent Office grants patent protection on vineyard heating

In addition to the German patent already granted and the international patent application, we have now also been granted European patent protection for our espalier fruit plant and vineyard heating system.

Extremely robust  

The heating cables from HEMSTEDT® are quality products, 100% Made in Germany and provided with special, extremely durable plastic insulation. A sleeveless transition between hot and cold lead ensures an absolute seal against water as well as chemical and biological substances such as pesticides.

Extremely quick and easy installation  

The HEM SYSTEM® WINE FROST CONTROL can be installed in the vineyards by 2 people without special training at a speed of 100 metres in 6 minutes. Only the electrical connection then requires a qualified electrician.

Energy-efficient and flexible

Not everywhere where wine grows is a power outlet. Therefore, there are different possibilities of power supply. Most simply, e.g. via generators kept in the vineyard during the critical time or via battery storage, taht, e.g. can be fed during the day by photovoltaic systems or even surpluses from wind turbines. The energy consumption per hectare is about 25 €uros per hour when operating on the regular power grid (average prices per kwh).

Powerful, customized generators can easily be obtained from the local construction machinery rental company.


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Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
Made in Germany - since 1974
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