Extremely thin, sleeveless and easy to install - even while renovating!

Features and benefits

  • Up to 150 Watt/m² power
  • Robust and maintenance-free
  • Laid directly under the floor covering
  • For tile, natural stone, carpet or wood coverings
  • Sleeveless
  • Extremely thin
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers

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Pleasant radiant heat in each object!

The heating mats of Hemstedt enable the realization of an underfloor heating to any object, because the mats are only a few millimetres thick and can be easily installed anywhere. In general, the electric floor heating is laid directly in the tile adhesive or in a leveling compound. The advantages are obvious: 

Direct heating effect

The heating occurs almost immediately, as soon as the electric underfloor heating is switched on, pleasant radiant heat ascends. Long preheating, as necessary when laid deep in the ground, accounting for water-borne underfloor heating or traditional radiators and convectors mounted on the walls, is not necessary, thus saving energy effectively.

Ideal for allergy sufferers 

As modern electric underfloor heatings are operated with bottom temperatures of maximal 28 °C, there is a pleasant, slow heat distribution in the room. There arises no violent airflow as e.g. would be necessary in classical radiators. So less dust is whirled. By the warm, dry floor the spread of dust mites is almost completely prevented. 

Ideal for renovation 

Especially in old buildings the electric underfloor heating offers many advantages, because there is not much required for a renovation: Just lay the heating mats directly under the new flooring, lay electrical connections - completed. No pipes, no chimney, no oil tanks or gas lines! That saves time and money! 

Electric underfloor heating with full service

When planning an electric underfloor heating Hemstedt also helps with installation plans. Special features such as clearance from walls and free surfaces under built-in furniture are already taken into account. Also when deciding which mat is right for your electric underfloor heating, the Hemstedt service helps. 

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
Made in Germany - since 1974
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  • Creative freedom and feel good architecture thanks to underfloor heating

    „Heat coming up from beneath as naturally as heat rises - there is no other ideal heat“ (Frank Lloyd Wright)

Specifications DH REDUCED-THICKNESS HEATING MATS Item no. 30751

Nominal voltage 230 Volt
Output 150 W/m²
Cold connection cable 1 x 4.00 m
Min. installation temperature 5 °C
Min. bending radius 6 x dA
Resistance tolerance -5 %/+10 %
Approval VDE (1-10 m²)
Cold/warm splice sleeveless, without shrinkable sleeve
Insulation Fluoroplastic
Delivery width 0.46 m
Calculation width 0.50 m