Mourning for company founder Silvi Alice Hemstedt (✝80)


It is with deep sadness that we announce that the founder and senior director of our company, Mrs. Silvi Alice Hemstedt, has passed away after a long and serious illness. With her, we lose a great personality and a person who was invaluable to us.

Her professional career began in the 1960s as a civil engineer in the traffic planning department of the city of Hamm in North Rhine-Westphalia. After a few years, her path led her - together with her husband Dieter Hemstedt - to the south of Germany, to Stuttgart to be precise. 

In 1974, the couple laid the foundation stone for the successful internationally active family business. From the very beginning, she was active in many areas of the company, be it in drawing up the first installation plans for large-scale projects or in acquiring new customers in south-eastern Europe, with whom she often maintained friendly contacts for decades. At the beginning of the 2000s, she was instrumental in the introduction of full automation in the first subsections of cold storage and cable assembly.

In addition to all these commitments, she managed the balancing act of always being a role model for her family, a prudent advisor and, above all, a trustworthy and reliable contact person. Thus, she was the linchpin both in the company and in the family and a valuable and irreplaceable support until old age. 

Together with her husband Dieter Hemstedt, she built up the family business 50 years ago from nothing, without any internal or external funds - just following the tireless and firm will to create her own company that has to do with helping others in a good way. 
Today, Hemstedt GmbH is one of the strongest companies in its sector in the German SME sector. This would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of the company's founder. 

With Silvi Alice Hemstedt, we are not only losing a far-sighted entrepreneurial personality to whom we owe a great deal, but also a very special person with a heart and a high level of social responsibility. 

All of us, from the staff to the management, owe her a great debt of gratitude. We will always honour her memory and continue to run the Hemstedt Group in her spirit. 

We miss her already.

Brackenheim, August 2023

Management and staff