The Hemstedt model house as experimental lab.

Always one step ahead 

Innovations are only as good as their practical benefits for the user. Therefore Hemstedt operates a model house on the factory premises since 2010, which corresponds to a modern low-energy house. Here, all our products are built-in and tested under real conditions. That means of course that the model house is inhabited. So there are not only technical measurement results, but also a feedback on the feeling of the residents. Because that´s what it is about: a sense of well-being!

Energy efficiency

An issue that will determine everything we do in the future: optimize energy consumption and conserve resources. The concept of the model house is explicit: A photovoltaic system generates electricity and the intelligent Hemstedt control system supplies, for example, storage heaters in living rooms, the rapid heating in the bathroom and during the winter months, the surface heating in the driveway. The result so far: If all components are ideally matched, i.e. insulation, electric heating and own electricity production, you can save about 40% of energy compared to a conventionally heated house!

Longterm testing

It is particularly important for the Hemstedt engineers to perform long-term tests. Finally, the influence of weather and seasons is fundamentally important, when it comes to the development of energy-efficient heating and frost protection devices. So many products are in the endurance test since 2010 and the developers are satisfied. The test results from this model house confirm what has been sought in the development: Long-term, consistent quality and efficiency.

Substrates and floor coverings

In connection with electric underfloor heating the subject substrate and floor covering is always in the discussion. What makes the most sense: Tiles, parquet or carpet. Exactly this is also tested in the model house. Especially in connection with various underground structures, which are especially important for energy-efficient heating. 


Outdoor heatings are subjected to particular stresses. Around the Hemstedt model house we test since 2010 our outdoor heatings in sand and concrete and the electric pool heater. With great success! It is the same with the various gutter, pipe and trace heatings. They all pass the durability test and proof what we stand for: Perfect quality "Made in Germany"!