Continuous quality assurance and innovation


Our products, such as the popular Hemstedt underfloor heating systems and heating cables, are manufactured in Germany in our leading industrial plant with the highest precision and quality. The 'Made in Germany' label is not just a promise for us, but also a sign of excellent industrial production and reliability. 

Made in Germany - more than just a designation of origin

The high quality of our products, which are manufactured entirely in Germany, is in demand worldwide and Hemstedt products also sell well on the European, North American and Asian markets. Every Hemstedt product is manufactured by skilled labour. At Hemstedt, we attach great importance to sustainable and fair working conditions, state-of-the-art technology, innovative ideas and ongoing research. This means that we take responsibility, also towards the environment and our customers, with German reliability and German inventiveness - the values behind the quality seal.

Quality assurance

Our commitment to quality goes far beyond production - it also extends to comprehensive quality assurance. Every heating cable is tested during production using state-of-the-art, fully automated testing systems, extensive functional and heating tests, resistance measurements and resistance tests, as well as electrical high-voltage tests and insulation resistance measurements. This ensures that all products meet or even exceed the highest standards. 

Award-winning and innovative: our underfloor heating systems set standards worldwide

Innovations from Germany are world-leading. When our Hemstedt underfloor heating systems and heating cables are in use, the feedback from users, planners and installers is consistently positive - and for good reason: since 1974, our products have been manufactured to perfection in our own production facilities in the southern German innovation region of Stuttgart and are therefore extremely durable and maintenance-free. For us at Hemstedt, the label "Made in Germany" is not just a label, but a promise. We have received several awards for this and it makes us proud - now in the second generation. We are supported by the unbeatable quality assurance of DEKRA, UL and VDE. Our external test centres guarantee the highest standards of control through annual, unannounced inspections and the taking of material samples directly from ongoing production.

Complete traceability

The unique serial number guarantees the traceability of the test data and production history for each product over a period of 10 years. This ensures CE labelling in accordance with standards and guarantees maximum product safety.

Your connection to first-class electrical heating systems with holistic quality and German innovation capability

At Hemstedt, we rely on German reliability and inventiveness in our leading industrial company. Our aim is to give you not just products, but confidence and satisfaction. Discover the world of innovative quality products - discover Hemstedt. The award-winning products are more than just goods, they are an experience based on innovation, first-class industrial production and high quality. A quality standard that is not only promised, but can be experienced with every Hemstedt product. "Welcome to Hemstedt” - your specialist for first-class electric heating systems!