Optimised warehouse management for efficient warehousing and fast shipping


Storage space for innova-tive logistics solutions

Customer satisfaction and supporting the industry with high-quality heating cables are of great importance to us. For this reason, we stock a large number of silicone-insulated heating cables with different ohmic values so that we can process and deliver your orders quickly. For example, customised heating cables with silicone insulation leave our warehouse practically on the same day they are ordered.

In order to process your orders even more efficiently, we have optimised our warehouse management by introducing barcode scanners in the warehouse. The scanners enable precise storage location labelling, improved data communication and other productivity-enhancing meas-ures. 

Barcodes simplify and speed up stock management. In addition, a barcode-based system improves storage location management. The clear identification and tracking of storage locations increases productivity and the flow of goods. Order picking and dispatch preparation are optimised as a result. 


Short delivery times for customised heating cables

We also generally realise relatively short delivery times for heating cables by the metre, depending on the desired ohmic value. Thanks to the efficient cooperation of our dedicated team, we ensure that your orders are processed quickly and reliably so that you can realise your projects on time. Delivery times are also reduced to a minimum for international orders in order to fulfil your requirements and meet the applicable delivery dead-lines.


Efficient storage systems and customised services

We also offer additional services such as assembling and packaging heating cables according to your requirements. We have generously dimensioned and efficiently organised storage areas and storage systems that enable continuous stocking and problem-free shipping.


Reliable transport manage-ment for on-time deliveries

Our sophisticated transport management system ensures that your consignments are dispatched on time. This allows you to concentrate fully on your core busi-ness.