Efficient, direct and ressource saving - the underfloor heating for animal breeding.

Features and benefits

  • Warmth exactly where yound animals need it
  • Optimum protection against cold floors
  • Reduces vet bills
  • Increases breeding success
  • Climate neutral operation possible
  • Low-cost because direct without losses

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Question about our products


Stable or barn floors in winter

Most stables are built directly on the ground, usually with only very little or no insulation at the bottom. In winter, the ground temperature therefore drops very quickly. Especially for young animals, which are longer times on the ground, this means an increased risk of disease. A reliable remedy is of course a stable heating or for example a piglet bed heating in animal breeding. Especially when the heat comes directly from the ground this will be of advantage!

Underfloor heating for stables

Under these circumstances, the cold is especially problematic when it comes from the floor. So a floor heating as stable heating is the best alternative, particularly because the young animals can be protected from the cold. In a conventional stable heating by blown hot air or water-bearing convectors it is almost impossible to heat the soil. 

Lower energy loss with electric stable heatings

So the electric underfloor heating as a stable heating has a clear advantage: In order to protect especially the young animals from the cold from the ground, electric underfoloor heatings must be operated only with very little energy consumption, since the heat exactly arrives where it is most needed: on the ground. Lossful heating up of the whole barn is not necessary to create health-promoting heat from the ground.

Easy installation

The electric underfloor heatings of Hemstedt are very easy to install. They are layed in the floor or in the concrete floor of the stable and are maintenance-free for decades, since, in contrast to water-borne heating systems there are no mechanical parts such as pumps, water heater or similar.

Energy-efficient, cost-effective and future-oriented 

The Hemstedt stable or barn heating is available in different versions, even as storage heating. That means, energy can be stored in the form of heat in the concrete floor. So Hemstedt stable heatings can be operated with cheap off-peak electricity or they can get power from your own production, e.g. photovoltaics or wind energy. In addition, the installation and maintenance of electrical underfloor heatings are considerably cheaper than conventional systems. Electricity as an energy carrier in the future, especially where large areas are available for photovoltaic systems e.g. on barn roofs. and this is always cheaper compared to fuels. 

Piglets bed heating for successful breeding 

Especially in the intensive animal farming such as, for example, the pig breeding, a pig bed heating is extremely important. Especially in a large litter, piglets in the first days are very susceptible to cold from the ground. A piglet bed heating can efficiently ensure that the animals stay healthy, develop faster and thus bring more breeding success and lower veterinary costs. The piglets bed Heating is here therefore particularly efficient. Moreover, the drying of the bottom compared to conventional heaters is faster, representing an additional increase hygiene.

Absolut waterproof!

Whether as a stable heating or piglets bed heating - the Hemstedt heating mats and heating cables feature the patented HEM-SYSTEM, a sleeve-less transition between hot and cold conductor which not only simplifies the installation, but also ensures a 100% impermeability to water and most chemicals such as, e.g. disinfectants. Thus, the stable heating or piglets bed heating is perfectly insulated and completely safe! 

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
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