Safe connections for heating cables in EX areas.

Features and benefits

  • For all Hemstedt heating cables
  • Application from -40°C to 200°C
  • Up to 750 Volt
  • Installation without heat or sealants
  • For all EX-fields
  • Verified by DEKRA

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One sleeve, three applications

The Hemstedt EX connecting sleeve can be used to connect the heating cable to both the power grid as well as other cables, thus being suited perfectly for the installation of heating systems. Additionally, the sleeve is aivalable for cable diameters ranging from 2,5mm² to 16mm². The explosion-proof EX connetive sleeve is also the right choice for potentail repairs on EX heating cables.

Highest safety

The EX connecting sleeve by Hemstedt corresponds to the ignition protective type EX e II and is approved for use up until 750 Volt. Beyond that, it's very temperature-resistant and can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 200°C. It's been tested and verified by DEKRA and approved for any fields in which explosive gas or dust mixtures can occur.

Two versions

The EX sleeves by Hemstedt are available in two versions: For cables up to 2,5mm² and cables ranging from 2,5mm² to 16mm², making them ideal for all Hemstedt EX heating cables.

The advantages of the connection system

•  suitable for all Ex heating cables by Hemstedt

•  temperature range from - 40°C to 200°C

•  Rated voltage up to 750 Volt

•  approvied for fields in which explosive gas or dust mixtures can occur

•  simple installation, since no open flames or adhesive sealants are necessary

•  Safety class IP 67

•  elektrische Verbindung durch Quetschverbinder

•  simple handling

 Easy to operate and maintain

•  suited for connections for necessary repairs

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
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