The underfloor heating for climate-friendly, modern heating!

Features and benefits

  • New and old buildings
  • Ideal for low-energy houses
  • Maintenance-free
  • 100% climate neutral
  • Two heating circuits for demand-oriented heating
  • Industry Award 2014 + 2016 + 2018 BEST OF
  • Green Product Award Selection 2018
  • German Brand Award 2022 SPECIAL - Sustainable Brand of the Year
  • German Brand Award 2022 WINNER - Excellent Brands - Heating & Bathroom
  • European Green Award 2022 NOMINEE
  • Double heating system with low power consumption: Two parallel circuits each with 70 W and increased reliability thanks to the second heating circuit
  • Made in Germany

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Thin-bed heating mats for low-energy houses

The low energy requirements of modern homes and the increasing reorientation away from fuels such as coal, gas or oil, towards regenerative energy sources, such as wind, water or sun, provide optimal conditions for the use of modern and reliable thin-bed heating mats as the GREEN ELECTRIC MAT®.


Lower power consumption adapted to modern low-energy houses

Old buildings often have a heat demand of 140 Watt / m². Many modern low-energy houses only need one-third or even less. Therefore, it was time to develop an electric floor heating which is adapted to these needs. The GREEN ELECTRIC MAT® has a heating power of 70 Watt / m². It is therefore ideally suited to the challenges of the future.


Heat faster, save energy – more reliable than ever!

Two separate heating circuits in the GREEN ELECTRIC MAT® thin-bed heating mats allow to warm up very quickly when heating is needed with doubeled power and then maintain the warmth with half the energy. So you can react much more quickly to changes in the weather. This means  you can keep off the underfloor heating more often, since it can be heated very quickly if really necessary. And: The double heating circuit ensures ongoing function of the underfloor heating in the rare event of a defect in a heating circuit.


HEM-SYSTEM® – sleeveless for a minimum in height

Our thin-bed heating mats all have the HEM-SYSTEM®. The transition between hot and cold lead conductors is constructed sleeveless, without thickening the cable. This makes installation of the thin-bed heating mats much easier and also the connection is completely waterproof.


Small or large – Thin-bed heating mats for every room!

The GREEN ELECTRIC MAT® is available in numerous versions and so ideal for any project. 

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
Made in Germany - since 1974
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Technical Data GREEN ELECTRIC MAT® PV Item no. 30770

Operation voltage 230 Volt
Power output approx. 70/70/140 W/m²
Cold lead 1 x 4.00 m
Min. installation temperature +5 °C
Min. bending radius 6 x dA
Resistance tolerance -5 %/+10 %
VDE Regulation according to IEC60800 Ed.3
Cold-/Warm connection sleeveless splice, without shrink sleeve
Insulation Fluoroplastic
Delivery width 0.46 m
Calculation width 0.50 m