Explosion proof heating cables and connections for critical EX-areas.

Features and benefits

  • Made in Germany
  • Heating cables and connecting sleeves
  • For all EX-fields, no matter if gas or dust
  • Verified by DEKRA
  • Safety class IP 67
  • Custom-made products

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General questions
07135/98 98 0 or office@hemstedt.de

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Experience and quality

For decades, Hemstedt has developed and supplied many critical industries with ATEX-products. What we offer ranges from heat tracing to self-regulating heating cables and heating systems for tank farms, escape routes or emergency exits. Of course, Hemstedt also offers the necessary ATEX-accessories like connecting sleeves.

ATEX not only in chemical or petrochemical industry

Explosion-proof heating cables adhering to ATEX-guidelines are not only important lifesavers in the chemical industry, on oil rigs or at tank farms. Mines, or even companies working with lumber like carpentry workshops - in short, any industries where flammable gas- or dust mixtures can occur - have to adhere to ATEX guidelines when it comes to electrical installation. Beyond that, it can also be advisable as a precaution.

ATEX "Made in Germany"

Perfect quality is the cardinal rule for protection from explosions. The consequences of a defective cable or a leaky sleeve could be fatal. In the second generation, Hemstedt stands for perfect quality "Made in Germany" and has extensive experience in the field of ATEX. All Hemstedt EX products are verified and certified by DEKRA and meet the highest standards. This is confirmed by our extensive list of references, which is comprised of business around the globe.

Individual solutions

Because Hemstedt develops and manufactures under the same roof, unusual and custom solutions, designed to fit specific projects, are possible at any time. So, Hemstedt opens new perspectives within the ATEX field. Just ask us if you have a specific task and are looking for a custom, reliable solution. As a medium-sized, owner-managed company, Hemstedt offers the flexibility needed for such tasks.

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
Made in Germany - since 1974
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