The latest generation of emergency call devices - always ready for use in an emergency!

Features and benefits

  • Fully integrated alarm device
  • LED Flash light
  • Maintenance Info
  • "Ready to go" functionality
  • Indoor Alarm Control
  • Battery Control with lithium-ion technology
  • Protection class IP 54 / IP 65
  • Integrated cable entry
  • Power Supply 100 ... 253 V / 47 ... 65 Hz
  • "Click to open" / screwless housing closure

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Safety is the top priority

If people are trapped in cold or deep frozen rooms or warehouses, the chance for survival is low, only possible for a few hours. So there is not much time in which the enclosed can draw attention to themselves. Therefore, appropriate emergency call devices are required in all commercial refrigeration rooms. According to EN378-1 this applies to all cooling rooms with a volume above 10m³ and a room temperature below 0 ° C. Observe also the BGR 500 chapter 3.10, as well as the older regulations UVV VBG 20 and the BGV D4. But emergency call is not equal emergency call! 


How sure are you that your alarm system works in case of an emergency?

Many emergency call systems on the market have, for example, no self-test function or they are operated with obsolete battery technology, which in the event of a mains power failure may not provide any security at all. On some systems, there is not even a function that checks the battery power - it comes to a serious case of a tragic saving in the wrong place! All Hemstedt alarm systems are therefore operated with lithium-ion batteries and have extensive self-test functions, which ensure a reliable function at all times. The status of the devices is clearly indicated by LEDs and calls for a test or maintenance in regular cycles or when necessary. 

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
Made in Germany - since 1974
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Emergency Call Device PA-200 / "Control"

Service function
External alarm signaling can be connected
Location signaling of the trigger points ( emergency buttons )
Programmable assignment of trigger points ( emergency buttons )
Programmable technical alarm
Battery capacity expansion possible
Integrated cable entry
Max. 6 trigger points