From waterproof to climate-positive - ideas as an engine for success!

HEM-SYSTEM® – the sleeveless connection

This invention of Hemstedt has revolutionized the industry! Each heating cable needs a connection between hot and cold lead. This was usually done with a mechanical connection, which was then usually insulated with a shrink tube. The problem: On the one hand, this method is not always 100% leak-proof, which can lead to failures, for example in a gutter heating or outdoor heating sooner or later. For floor heating came alongside the density problem to which the compounds were thicker and so the laying has been difficult. 

The breakthrough

With HEM-SYSTEM® the transition between hot and cold lead conductors is sleeveless because it is made as one piece. This also means, that the complete insulation is seamless as no heat shrink tubes are used. The advantages are obvious: Absolutely waterproof, easier installation because the entire cable is slim and thin. And one more advantage: Due to the omission of a work step, this electric underfloor heating is not only better and more durable, but also even cheaper! 

The „climate-positive home"

Climate change affects us all and in any discussion or any climate summit it comes to reducing CO² emissions. With gas heating or wood pellets that will be very difficult. The alternatives are electric heating systems, which are operated with solar power or other regenerative energy sources.

Generate energy yourself and store it

So far, there was always the problem that, if a demand for heat at night or in the evening comes up, no solar power was available, so therefore external power had to be purchased. Here however, Hemstedt created a milestone with the energy storage heater GREEN ACCU MAT®. This innovative underfloor heating mat was therefore awarded the "Industriepreis" in 2014, 2016 as well as in 2018 twice. In addition, there are now powerful battery storages for solar power, as well as intelligent controls that even take into account weather forecasts, so that today a house can be powered completely autonomously and without any CO² emissions. That means, the house is not just "carbon neutral" but even "climate-positive" -and that is what we need: An unbeatable contribution to the global reduction of CO² emissions.

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