From frost protection to alarm and doorframe heating systems.

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  • Frost protection
  • Pressure compensation
  • Alarm systems
  • Protection from black ice

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Since Hemstedt was founded 50 years ago, it has been part of our portfolio. At first it was heating cables, for example for frost protection or doorframe heating systems. But by now, Hemstedt also offers a broad range of pressure compensation valves or emergency alarm systems.

Below freeze prevention heating

One of our areas of expertise is electric below freeze prevention heating for floors and walls. Depending on circumstances like changing ground water levels or insufficient heat supply, installation of a heating mat into the floor can be necessary to avoid serious frost damage. As a general rule: The influence of the cold store on the ground should be kept to a minimum to avoid detrimental reactions. This can be achieved with proper temperature regulation. The necessary energy input is minimal.

The different structural shapes with cold stores often necessitate other measures, for example:

• Electric below freeze prevention heating for walls, if the cold store is partially built underground.

• Concrete heating mats in entrance areas to prevent ice formation and secure the minimum temperature required for the sealing lips to stay flexible.

Pressure compensation valves

We are heavily concerned with the issue of pressure compensation in cold stores and deep freeze chambers. Our pressure compensation valves with VDE/GS seal [volume flow measurement verified by TÜV] can be built into doors, ceilings, walls etc. and are designed for 230 Volts.

According to EN378-1, an alarm system that works independent from the power grid has to be installed in cold stores with a volume of over 10 m³ and a room temperature of below 0°C. Also take note of the BGR 500 chapter 3.10. Old Rules BGV D4 [Reading 01.01.2005] and the UW VGB 20 accident prevention regulations.

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Here too, we are your specialized partner. Through our own testing and production facilities, we provide our customers with affordable, cutting-edge products. Through our effective administrative channels, production process and well-organized stock management, we are well-equipped and ready to individually solve your problem quickly.

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We answer your questions around the clock in our new FAQ section! Our FAQs offer quick and convenient ways of answering questions about functionality, technology and utilisation. The FAQ compendium is continuously updated to provide you with the latest information. With Hemstedt, you not only have innovative technology at your disposal, but also a service focussed on your needs. Discover our wide range of products and experience quality and service at the highest level!

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Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
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