Adjusts to residents habits, making heating more efficient.

Features and benefits

  • Well-arranged display
  • Smart temperature monitoring
  • Self-teaching function
  • Programmable
  • Time switching zone
  • Digital temperature sensor
  • Range restriction between 10°C and 40°C

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Intelligent temperature monitoring

The timer thermostat by Hemstedt offers a well-arranged display, making all functions quick and easy to operate. For example, the timer thermostat allows for individual settings of the heating programs. Actual/target temperature, time of day, lowering of the temperature at night, and so on - all under control. The timer thermostat by Hemstedt leaves nothing to be desired. Additionally, it's teachable: Thanks to self-optimization the timer thermostat can calculate the time needed for heating or cooling. Users can individually adjust the floor temperature independently from their space heater. Timed heating assures efficient heating.


Integrated temperature sensor

The Hemstedt timer thermostat has a built-in digital temperature sensor, which can also be installed on its own. It monitors room temperature and ensures optimum climate with minimum energy consumption.


Simple installation

The Hemstedt timer thermostat can be installed into any switch box and works with all common light switch sets. The design is functional and timeless.

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
Made in Germany - since 1974
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Specifications TIMER CONTROLLER Item no. 93089

Nominal voltage 230 Volt/50 Hz
Switching capacity 16 (2) A
Setting range +10°C bis +40°C with mechanical range limitation via setting button
Switching difference Ca. 1.5 K
Display indication Heating
Temperature reduction Individually selectable within the setting range (via external switch/pilot timer)
Temperature sensor NTC 4m to DIN 44574. Heating is switched off in the event of sensor failure and short-circuit
Degree of protection IP 30 - degree of protection II after appropriate installation
Housing colour Similar to RAL 9010 pure white

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