Sleeveless with single-ended cold connection.

Features and benefits

  • resistant to chemicals
  • good insulation properties
  • best gliding properties
  • sleeveless
  • from -100 ° C to + 220 ° C

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Avoid damages by condensation water!

In the course of a regular defrosting cycle of evaporators water is formed. This must be safely and reliably derived. For this, the drainage pipes must be sufficiently heated over a certain time (30 min.) To prevent freezing of the outflow tract (heater located inside the tube). Insufficient heating may cause serious damagees.


Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
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Specifications fluor plastic defrosting water heating, item no. 50510-50560

Typ HEM-K-pR-PTFE with earthed cable, clour of lead: yellow-green
Protection class I
Connection Single-ended cold connection cable
Length of cold connection cable 1,6 m (the heating cable must not be shortened)
Output in W/m 55
Voltage 230 V
Diameter 5.0 x 4.0 mm
Nominal limit temperature +220 °C
Note Different voltages, output and length are available on request.