Anytime time an attractive presentation in refrigerated sales counters and self-service fridges.

Features and benefits

  • no misting
  • no ice on windows
  • anytime perfect transparency
  • fancier product presentation
  • more sales
  • hygienic appearance
  • Made in Germany

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No more wet and misted sales counters

In refrigerated sales counters as they are used by butchers or in fish departments there would quickly be condensation on the front screen, the actual "showcase" for the customer. The same is also true for self-service refrigerated counters and for self-service-freezers and cabinets in supermarkets. This looks not only unhygienic but barres the customer also the views of the goods! Remedy is given by special heating cables from Hemstedt that selectively heat the glass of such counters and cabinets and so ensure always perfect vision!


Individual and easy

The front glass heater for sales counters is available either as already completely assembled product or by the meter for the custom assembly directly in production. Also, various power levels are available, so the refrigerated counters and freezers can always be kept clear and dry with differently sized glass surfaces. 


Robust and reliable

Hemstedt heating cables for the sales counter heating are extremely robust and completely sealed, so that it is well protected against water and detergent to ensure longtime, reliable operation. 


More applications 

Of course, the front glass heating can also be used in all other places where the formation of condensation or even ice is to be prevented on glass surfaces. 

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
Made in Germany - since 1974
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Specifications front glass heating cable Order-No. 46650/45650

Heating cable HEM-SiSiCu, with tinned copper braiding
Protection I
Connection single-end, with white PVC-cold connection cable 3 x 0,75 mm²
Length of cold connection cable 1,0 m
Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Leistung nach Bedarf 10 bis 35 W/m
With thermostat Order-No. 46650: 0,50 - 16 m
Without thermostat Order-No. 45650: 0,50 – 20 m
Diameter 8,4 x 4,8 mm
Nominal limit temperature +135 °C
Note Different voltages, output and lenghth are available on request. Extension of cold tail is possible for add. charge.