Tradition and success of a family business!

Our roots

It all began in 1974 in a small village not far from the metropolitan region of Stuttgart: Dieter and Silvi Hemstedt start their own business, with the goal of high-quality, specialized heating cables. And it works: Only four years later over 20 employees are working in the company, sales and space requirements are rising rapidly. And also the product range grows. Cold storage technology comes in and more and more customers are asking for specialized solutions that Hemstedt can realize quickly and accurately. This flexibility and the high quality make Hemstedt rapidly known around the world. More and more deliveries are made from the Swabian production facility to China, USA, Russia and in many other countries. Today 60 people work on a space of 17,500 square meters in development and production.

The Hemstedt management board consists of Dieter Hemstedt, chairman of the Hemstedt management board, and two other members. Already in 1990, with Sabine and Andreas Hemstedt the second generation joined in the company. From 2006 onwards, they worked as chief clerk until they became members of the management in 2011.

And so the company today mainly focuses on the development and production of energy-efficient heating systems and holistic concepts that make a significant contribution to creating not only the climate-neutral, but even the climate-positive house. For this endeavor, Hemstedt has already received several top-class awards. For example, twice with the "Top 100" seal and the "Best Of Industriepreis" in 2014 and 2016, and twice in 2018. The international "Green Award 2018" confirms the efficiency of Hemstedt's innovations in the area of ​​sustainability and environmental protection and the "Construction and Engineering Award" from the British construction and architecture magazine "Build" honored Hemstedt's reliability and visionary actions in 2019.

But even if we are constantly developing new ideas and receiving awards, a tradition is always the same: perfect quality 100% "Made in Germany"!

Vita Andreas Hemstedt

Since 2011 CEO Hemstedt GmbH
2007-08 Advanced course in product manager RKW
2006-11 Authorized signatory Hemstedt GmbH
1995-97 Certified electrical engineer (focus on energy technology and process automation)
1990-93 Engineer for industrial electronics specialized in device technology
1990 Start at Hemstedt GmbH
1988-89 Commercial vocational school
1982-88 Grammar school in Brackenheim

Sabine Hemstedt

Vita Sabine Hemstedt

Since 2011 CEO Hemstedt GmbH
Since 2021 Part-time doctoral-studies "DBA/Dr."
2017-19 Part-time studies "Master of Business Administration" with the degree „MBA General Management Executive“
2006-11 Authorized signatory Hemstedt GmbH
Graduate in Business Administration
Business assistant
1994-97 Part-time studies in business administration graduated with a diploma in finances
1993 Industrial Manager (IHK)
1990 Start at Hemstedt GmbH

BUILD Award Construction & Engineering 2019 and 2020 as best heating cable manufacturer!

In the years 2019 and 2020, the jury of the internationally renowned construction and architectural trade magazine "Build" from Great Britain selected us two times as the top partner for the building industry - selected from more than 500 submissions from more than 60 countries. With the "Build Award" as the best manufacturer of heating cables, we feel confirmed in our actions that quality and innovation must be the top priority - and reliability. Only then can architects and builders realize their visions and dreams. Competition Leader Jack Wainwright sums it up: "With these awards, we've honored companies in this sector who are the backbone of the industry, working day by day to create a better future for all, and I'm proud of all my winners and wishe good luck for the coming year "

If you want to know more about the Build Award, read an excerpt from "Build" here.

Green Product Award - Thinking ahead pays off in a sustainable way!

In March 2019, the GREEN ACCU MAT® was awarded the coveted "Green Product Award" - a prize that honors outstanding, climate-friendly and resource-saving alternatives to existing solutions. A top-class, international jury of scientists, architects and politicians selects from submissions from over 40 countries on all 6 continents! Another major goal of this initiative is the Green Product Network, which brings together established companies with students and start-ups to work together towards a better future. And of course Hemstedt is here! More information about our climate protection heating mats can be found here on the product page.

Industry Award 2018 - Meanwhile a standard at Hemstedt!

In 2018 we got two "Best-Of Industry Awards"! Hemstedt is thus continuing its series of top-class awards and is further expanding its pioneering position not only in the field of highly energy-efficient underfloor heating systems. New is the targeted, demand-regulated wine and fruit growing spring frost protection system HEM-SYSTEM® Wine Frost Control, which was introduced to the market in autumn 2017 after successful field trials. The fact that it immediately wins the "Industry Award" confirms that we have developed an innovative, effective and forward-looking product - just like our environmentally and climate-friendly GREEN ACCU MAT® underfloor storage heater, which now receives the award for the third time.

Top-Innovator 2008 and 2015 - An award which confirms our actions!

Together with mentor Ranga Yogeshwar, "TOP 100" honors every year the 100 most innovative companies of the German SMEs. TOP 100 is already more than 20 years the only benchmark for innovation management in Germany. That means, "TOP 100" awards no individual products, but there are all stages of the innovation process taken under the microscope. 

Professor Nikolaus Franke and his team from the Vienna University of Economics are responsible for the scientific management of the project. 

We are proud that we have received for the second time this prestigious award, as it confirms that we are on our thoughts and actions in the right direction - namely to offer our customers always pioneering innovations to be jointly always one step ahead! 

German industry-price 2014, 2016 and 2018 for our ressource-saving GREEN products!

With our new underfloor heating mats GREEN ELECTRIC MAT® and GREEN ACCU MAT® we have not only created a high-quality product „Made in Germany“ that helps you to heat 100% climate-neutral, but also an outstanding innovative and future-oriented product. 

Proven by the "Industriepreis 2014, 2016 and 2018".

The decision in this competition, which is held regularly since 2006, is made by an independent jury of 30 professors from renowned German universities and research institutions as well as trade journalists and industry representatives. They judge about more than 5,000 submitted products every year. Decisive factors are product maturity and future orientation, but also effective benefits, increasing efficiency and practicality. The requirements of the jury members are clear:

"Innovation means to me that a product or a method distinguishes itself significantly and surprisingly from the known state-of-the-art."

( Prof. Dr. Thorsten M. Buzug, University of Luebeck, Germany )

"An innovative industry solution uses the latest technical and scientific potential, conserves resources, provides new functionality and absolute safety and optimal user-friendliness." 

( Prof. Dr. Rainer Laur, University of Bremen, Germany )

Thus Hemstedt reiterates out from the crowd and proves that good quality combined with trend-setting innovations are the ingredients for customer-oriented, successful products. And that was confirmed the same two years later again by the "Industriepreis 2018."