This is how valuable Koi and other fish can winter safely in any pond!

Features and benefits

  • Manages survival space for pond inhabitants
  • Temperature adjustable to any need
  • Automated control available
  • 100% waterproof
  • Adapts to any terrain
  • Maintenance free and durable

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Avoid frost damages on garden ponds

If it is too cold in winter, not only the inhabitants of the garden pond can die, it can also cause expensive damage on e.g. the ponds waterproofing. Hemstedt provides electric heating mats which can be used as a pond heater. The robust heating cables can thereby be optimally adapted to the shape of the pond and placed directly under the waterproof layer. The electric heating cables are absolutely watertight thanks to the socketless transition between hot and cold conductors! 

Even pond with low depth can be safe in winter!

With the Hemstedt Pond heating it is uncomplicated to make ponds with shallow water winter-safe. 

Always the ideal temperature

Temperature sensors ensure that the pond heating always maintains the set temperature and so the pond is held completely free of ice or it ensures for a large enough survival space for the pond inhabitants under the ice.

The double safe pond heater

Hemstedt heating mats are also available with two independent heating circuits. So the pond heater is double safe. First, the heating mode is ensured at any time, even if a heating conductor gets damaged, on the other hand the pond can be heated if required with twice the power if extreme weather conditions occur. 

Noiseless and maintenance-free

The Hemstedt Pond Heating has this other advantages: It is absolutely silent, in contrast, for example, to pond heaters that heat the water during the circulation process. And the Hemstedt pond heating is absolutely maintenance-free, as there are no mechanical parts or water-bearing elements that could clog, freeze or become calcified. Once if the heating mats are installed under the bottom of the pond, you can look forward to decades of carefree cold seasons even in a harsh winter. The Hemstedt pond heater ensures a safe wintering for your pond inhabitants!

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
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