Electric underfloor heating is expensive? Wrong!

Those who renovate or build newly, have to deal with the subject of "heating". New rules, uncertain development of energy prices and cost are topics that have to be balanced. An electric underfloor heating is rarely taken into account in these considerations. Most of them only see the counterarguments - too expensive, harmful, burning electricity is bad for the environment, etc. But these arguments are from the 1960s or are simply wrong and not with the times.

Heat 100% carbon neutral - not produce CO² 

With a modern electric underfloor heating, it is possible, for example with the use your own photovoltaic energy or with the purchase of green electricity (hydro, wind, solar, geothermal) to heat not only 100% carbon neutral, but also to contribute actively to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Heating with electricity is old fashioned

Oddly all efforts of various countries go to push an energy revolution, shifting more and more on electricity as an energy source. In Germany this is quite ahead wind followed by solar power, in other countries hydropower and even nuclear power is driven - no matter how, the energy revolution is clearly away from fossil fuels, towards CO²-free power generation. That is indeed what is discussed each year at climate summits and was detained binding in the EU 20-20-20 Pact. Perhaps the burning of oil, gas, coal and forests is old fashioned and an out of date model? Because that produces next to CO² even fine dust, from which many cities already have more than enough.

Electric underfloor heatings are harmful

This was the fact with too hot powered underfloor heatings in the last century. A modern underfloor heating on the other hand produces a demonstrably pleasant and healthy radiant heat and inhibits the multiplication and spread of mold and dust mites significantly. A warm floor also allows frequent barefoot walking, which is conducive to the feet and the whole skelleton and is demanded by doctors for decades.

Radiant heat or convection

Conventional heaters heat the air in the convector heater, for example under the windows, they generate an air stream that sucks cold air from the bottom. The air is heated and emitted into the room upwards. An electric underfloor heating produces a large area radiant heat from which is perceived as very pleasant and warm even at low temperatures between 20 ° C and 26 ° C, similar to the warming rays of the sun, quite different than just hot air.

Heating electrically is expensive

The installation costs of an electric underfloor heating is well below those for a conventional heating system with water pipes, boilers and convectors. During operation you can use your own energy for example from a photovoltaic system. So low operating costs are achieved. Savings over traditional heating systems of just over 30% were achieved in the Hemstedt model house. Moreover, the statement "Electric heating is expensive" refers to current energy prices. This will change dramatically in the coming years.  In all countries which are in the course of the energy revolution, the trend is to reinforce electric power supply. Today´s electric underfloor heating systems consume much less energy than 20 years ago because modern buildings have a much lower demand for heating. A positive effect of an energy storage floor heating would also be, that intelligent controls could help to prevent power peaks, caused for example by a wind energy surplus in the early morning hours. These peaks can be used responsibly by energy storage heatings. That would help to stabilize power grids! 

An electric underfloor heating works faster

Since an electric underfloor heating can be laid very close under the floor covering, it has a much faster heating effect.  And the heat is emitted from a very large area, and the whole room air is not onyl heated above a small convector. So long heating times and thus related energy costs are avoided. With an electric undefloor heating is is much easier to heat demand orientated.


Fair billing in rental properties

Landlord know that: evaporator and other measuring methods for heating expenses in rental properties are hotly debated. Is heat from the neighbors in the apartment below also measured and is the device really accurate and many more... With electric underfloor heating current consumed per unit is easily measured. And honestly: How many tenants have previously challenged the credibility of the electricity meter?

Repair costs for water-led underfloor heating are extremely high 

In a water-borne floor heating, it is certainly not nice if there is a leak and water seeps into the building, which can happen with any water-powered heating system naturally. Electric underfloor heatings do not have this problems. If they are they neatly routed one usually has no problems for decades. Mainly because any damage can be measured immediately after the laying of an electric underfloor heating, before the flooring is installed. In addition, there are now mats with two heating circuits, such as the GREEN® products of Hemstedt or the TWIN TURBO® rapid heating mats. In the rare event that a heating cable fails, there is a second one and no repair is needed. The electric floor heating is simply running in normal mode. In addition, the damaged area can be narrowed very accurate by measurement. And - the renowned manufacturer of electrical underfloor heating systems give long warranties. Please compare that with the guarantees, for example, of gas heaters, also of well-known manufacturer. Since the devices are split into many pieces and on some parts there is no guarantee - because they are wearing parts. Wear parts do definately not exist in an electric underfloor heating!