Frost protection heating on the floor avoids costly damages to walls and foundations.

Features and benefits

  • Avoids frost damage
  • For cold stores and ice rinks
  • Active building protection
  • Extremely durable and robust
  • 100% water-proof
  • Double safety

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Frost protection for cold stores

As soon as an a cold store is built into the ground, it is possible that, depending on the temperature within the cold store, walls and eventually the earth around it, start freezing. This causes the water contained within the earth to expand, which can lead to massive damage to walls and foundations. That is why the cold transmission into the ground has to be prevented by a frost protection system.

Frost protection by Hemstedt, simple and durable

The frost protection by Hemstedt is simple to use. Heating cables pre-assembled into heating mats are being laid and then cast into the foundation or walls. Temperature sensors make sure that temperatures of walls and floors are kept steady, thus creating a reliable frost protection around the cold store.

Frost protection and energy efficiency

When operating an icehouse, energy consumption is important, and it is also important concerning the operation of a sub-freezing protection heater. The systems of Hemstedt provide intelligent control systems that heat the under-soil heating only as long as it is necessary to prevent a malicious cold transfer into the ground. Thus, the sub-freezing protection heater does not consume unnecessary energy.

Frost protection without external power

Additionally, there is the possibility to power the frost protection by, for example, a photovoltaic system. In combination with battery storage, the frost protection can be powered at night without expensive external power. Not only does this have economic benefits, it also contributes to protecting the environment. 

Doubly safe frost protection

Hemstedt offers safe heating cables with two independent circuits. That way, a reliable frost protection is ensured at any time over decades, even if a heating circuit should take damage. Additionally, our frost protection mats are equipped with the HEM-SYSTEM, the sleeveless transition between cables. That does not only ensure a simple laying process, but also makes our cables 100% water-proof.

Electric frost protection on the floor

Extensive frost protection in your cold store, that covers all areas where the cold store walls and the ground are in contact, helps prevent heat extraction through the ground.

Electric frost protection on the walls

In cold storages that are built into the ground - whether fully or partially - an electric frost protection mat allows for the temperature of the walls to be raised just enough to match the ambient temperature.

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
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Technical Data HEM-UFH FROST PROTECTION MAT Item no. 30109 to 30156

Nominal voltage 230 volts or 400 volts
Cold connecting cable 1.5 mm²
Minimum laying temperature 5°C
Resistance tolerance -5 %/+10 %
Nominal temperature according to VDE 90°C
Control box with digital controller and LED display "Heating mat in operation"