Safe roadways, bridges and open areas, even at extreme weather conditions.

Features and benefits

  • Can be cast in asphalt
  • Emergency routes and driveways
  • Garage driveways
  • Bridges, cycle paths and footpaths
  • Landing pads
  • Cold store floors

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Range of application for mastic asphalt heating cable

Hemsted heating cables for mastic asphalt are designed with an especially robust sheath and can be cast in hot mastic asphalt or concrete. That way, for example, bridges, emergency routes, garage driveways and landing pads can be kept ice-free all year long. Indoors, cold store floors and freezers can be protected from dangerous icing.

Easy installation

The Hemstedt heating cables for mastic asphalt are suited for any project. They are available as yard goods off the reel and can be individually assembled on site. Also, Hemstedt offers pre-assembled heating mats that are attached to a mesh that helps keeping them submerged during installation. For the installation of yard goods, Hemstedt offers appropriate accessories.

Durable and reliable

Reliability of heating cables is important, especially for commercial or industrial use. Malfunctions can cause costly outages or even accidents. For that, Hemstedt is exactly the partner you're looking for: For almost 50 years, Hemstedt develops and manufactures 100% in Germany, and no heating cable leaves our factory unchecked.

Our products also run on fuel cell / hydrogen technology!
Made in Germany - since 1974
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