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Geisenheim (Hesse).  From 16 to 17 July 2023, an industry meeting with the head of the institute, Prof. Dr. Manfred Stoll, took place at the "VitiVoltaic" research laboratory at Geisenheim University (HGU), Institute for General and Organic Viticulture.


True to the motto "Green power above - white Riesling below", the first plant of its kind in Germany will be opened - the HGU's Agri-Photovoltaic plant. This is a dual use of agricultural land by growing vines under solar modules and generating its own electricity at the same time. As part of the research project, the VitiVoltaic vineyard was equipped with the HEM-SYSTEM Wine Frost Control®late frost heating system.


The event took place outdoors on the grounds of the APV trial facility. As the manufacturer of the innovative vine heating system HEM-SYSTEM Wine Frost Control®, Hemstedt GmbH was represented on both days with a 12 m² stand to present its products. Participants in the expert discussion were representatives from the wine industry, politics, society and public television stations. Among other things, Prof. Dr. Stoll explained the advantages of the HEM-SYSTEM Wine Frost Control® vine heating system to the interested visitors.


You can find more information about the product at https://www.hemstedt.de/en/products/agriculture-and-gardening/frostprotection-wine-frost-control/