Protect your home from the cold with FrostyControl® pipe trace heating systems!

Plug and Heat - reliable frost protection


Get ready for winter and protect your home and garden with the innovative FrostyControl®- frost protection heating cables. Cold temperatures can not only be unpleasant, they can also seriously damage your building. To prevent frost damage to pipes, cables and other vulnerable areas, our high-performance heating cables offer the ideal solution.


Advantages of FrostyControl®frost protection heating cables:

1. Reliable frost protection: Our heating systems provide a constant supply of heat to prevent water pipes from freezing, thereby avoiding costly frost damage.


2. Simple installation: Frost protection is easy to realise with FrostyControl®. The heating elements are easy to fit and can be flexibly adapted to any pipe diameter.


3. Energy-saving: Thanks to advanced technology, FrostyControl® pipe trace heaters are powerful and energy-saving to keep operating costs low.


4. Flexible use: Our pipe trace heating systems offer comprehensive frost protection for a wide range of applications - whether in the home, garden or on the roof.


Reliable partner against frost damage:

Put your trust in FrostyControl® when it comes to protecting your property from the dangers of winter. Our dedicated team will be happy to help you select the right pipe trace heating system for your individual requirements.


With FrostyControl® pipe trace heating systems, you are investing in the future of your home and protecting yourself against frost damage. Because a cosy home is a safe home.


Discover the world of effective frost protection with FrostyControl® - for a winter-proof home!