We set standards in cable assembly

Cable assembly with precision and quality


We manufacture customised solutions that meet customer-specific requirements and needs. Our flexibility enables us to respond to individual requests in terms of cable lengths, connection types, colours and other specifications in order to achieve the best results.


Our quality awareness starts with the materials. We only use high-quality components from renowned manufacturers for our cable assemblies. From robust connectors to industry-standard housings and insulation materials, we ensure durability and reliability.


Speed is an important factor in our service. Our lean manufacturing processes and sophisticated logistics management enable short delivery times. This is a decisive competitive advantage, especially in time-critical industries.


Strict quality controls and certifications through unannounced product tests and regular production monitoring by VDE emphasise our commitment to the highest standards. This strengthens the trust of our customers and characterises us as a reliable partner.


A team of specialists with extensive technical expertise is available to advise our customers. We offer comprehensive support from the development of customised solutions to the selection of the optimum configuration.


Innovation is the driving force behind our company. We are at the forefront of introducing new technologies, developing compact designs and optimising manufacturing processes. This innovative strength makes our range unique.


You can rely on our expertise and experience in cable assembly. We set standards and deliver solutions that exceed your expectations.