Reliably protect vineyards from frost with HEM-SYSTEM® WINE FROST CONTROL


Quality control & grape ripeness

The quality of a wine essentially depends on the quality of the grapes. Nevertheless, winegrowers must pay attention to the grapes and determine the best time for harvesting. This is why winegrowers continuously measure sugar and acidity levels at an early stage and taste the grapes to assess the development of flavour. If the grapes are harvested at the right time, they finally start their journey to mature into a wonderful wine in the cellar.

Risks associated with the weather and climate change

However, the quality of the wine is also strongly influenced by the weather. Severe hail damage and April frosts, for example, lead to volume losses of around 20 per cent (Heilbronner Stimme, 2021, p. 21). A rainy summer also favours rot and fungal infestation of the grapes. Climate change therefore inevitably brings new challenges every year.

Risk of frost and loss of yield

They are particularly susceptible to frost in mid-April, when the buds are already sprouting. A sudden cold snap can have devastating effects on the harvest, as buds and young shoots are damaged. This can lead to considerable yield losses and affect the quality of the grapes.

Effective solution for frosty nights

The HEM-SYSTEM® WINE FROST CONTROL offers an efficient solution to prevent these risks and ensure an optimal harvest. It consists of electric heating cables that are laid precisely on the fruit cane and ensure worry-free late frost nights for decades. Further information on the product can be found on the following pages.


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