The European Patent Office grants patent protection on vineyard heating

In addition to the German patent already granted and the international patent application, we have now also been granted European patent protection for our espalier fruit plant and vineyard heating system.


Innovations with customer focus

"The European patent for our vineyard heating system underlines our innovative strength and strong performance through clear and determined action. This is where we set the benchmark," says Managing Director Andreas Hemstedt. "Of course, we are very pleased that we can also count ourselves among the best SMEs in the manufacturing sector in Germany in 2022 due to the success of our future-oriented product innovations. But the motivator for our research and development activities is always customer benefit. Our top priority is to create added value for our customers with innovative and efficient products," Andreas Hemstedt explains further.


Strong innovative power 

Innovations and the patents held for them are an important competitive factor in promoting innovative strength in Germany and Europe. On the one hand, Hemstedt focuses on maintaining technological and economic competitiveness. On the other hand, innovations must also be oriented to the needs that arise at the customer. 
The aim here is to actively strengthen the link between the two paradigms of "increasing innovative strength and technological competitiveness" and "solving practical problems through innovation".

With a large number of patents and utility models, Hemstedt once again proves the high innovation potential of the family-owned company from Baden-Wuerttemberg.